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Media and Interviews

Want to learn more about me? Check out these interviews and articles!

Writers of the Future Panel with David Hankins, Elaine Midcoh, Jason Palmatier, TJ Knight, and Sarah Morrison
A truly delightful virtual Writers of the Future panel with Schuler Books. I chatted with fellow winners Elaine Midcoh, TJ Knight, Jason Palmatier, and Sarah Morrison about the WotF contest, writing and illustration craft, and we all dropped hints about upcoming projects.
Click here > to watch the interview.
Kickstarting Death and the Taxman! I joined Angelique Fawns again for another interview with Horror Tree. We discussed my how I prepped my first Kickstarter for my debut novel Death and the Taxman. Read it here >
How do you turn an award-winning short story into a novel? Find out this deep-dive interview with John Goodwin and the Writers of the Future Podcast. Award-winning illustrator Sarah Morrison (my partner-in-crime for the Death and the Taxman Kickstarter) and I discuss the ins-and-outs of writing, illustration, and publishing via Kickstarter. Listen to it here > or on your favorite podcast platform.
Recorded in after the Writers of the Future Volume 39 gala in Hollywood, I joined fellow winners Sam Parr, TJ Knight, and Spencer Sekulin to discuss the contest and what it means to us.
Listen to it here > or on your favorite podcast platform.
Liz Bullard of eReads Podcast was so much fun to chat with! Her first question: “If your stories were an animal, what would they be?”
“A rat,” I said. And it’s true.
Click here > to watch the interview or listen on your favorite podcast platform.
Joe Montaldo welcomed me back to United Public Radio. We chatted about all kinds of crazy stuff. But the craziest part is something Joe didn’t even see. We had some wifi problems at the beginning, and he abruptly dropped off. I was suddenly alone on live TV. With millions of viewers.
Not knowing what else to do while Joe got his connection back up, I started reading “Death and the Taxman” to the viewers. Jump to the 10 minute mark to join in the fun! We had a great interview once the connections settled down.
Chatting with Sherri! We chatted about Superstars Writing Seminars, Writers of the Future, living in Europe, favorite books, and more.
Interview with Joe Montaldo of United Public Radio. We had fun talking about Writers and Illustrators of the Future, my 24hr Story, movies vs books (the book is ALWAYS better), and so much more.
Read Me A Nightmare: I read my story “The Last Quest of Corbin the Coward” and we discussed Writers of the Future, military life, and strategies for success. (May 3rd, 2023)
David Hankins and Karson Lacy on the TROI Podcast, February 17th 2023
TROI Podcast: We discussed Writers of the Future and how I went from enthusiastic amateur to award-winning author in 18 months. (Feb 17th, 2023)
An interview with David Hankins, "A Writer of the Future Winner Spills His Secrets. The Horror Tree. August 31st, 2023.
Horror Tree: We discussed my writing process, the Wulf Pack Writers, and what it was like to get the call that I’d won Writers of the Future. (Aug 31st, 2022)
Bettendorf writer David Hankins places in international fantasy, science fiction short story contest. Quad City Times, September 8th, 2022.
Quad City Times: True Story
My first interview after winning Writers of the Future. (Sep 8th, 2022)