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A Properly Spiced Gingerbread

2022 Critters Award Winner

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Granny had warned that magic could kill, but Lucy hadn’t expected to die at the hands of a cookie…

I will never look at a gingerbread cookie the same way again!
-J. Moon

The Last Quest of Corbin the Coward

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Corbin never asked to be the gods’ favored champion…

What a fun story!
-D. Hamilton

Reassessed Value

Tangent Online 2022 Recommended Reading List

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Liam wondered if tax assessors qualified as thieves. The law let him shoot thieves…

Heartwarming” and “A good read.”
-Tangent Online

Hell’s Bureaucracy

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Surviving the modern workplace can be hell. Having a personally assigned demon doesn’t help.

A witty twist on the demonic haunting trope.”
-Tangent Online

Another Day on the Orbital Ranch

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Filling a dead man’s shoes is hard on the best of days, and today is definitely not Paul’s best day.

A great deal of humor…from a wisecracking AI to pure slapstick.
-Tangent Online

Felix and the Flamingo

Coming April 21st, 2023

Of all the birds to get quarantined with, why a flamingo? Flamingos were idiots…

Death and the Taxman

Writers of the Future Winner (2nd Quarter 2022)

Coming May 16th, 2023
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Never trust a dying auditor.

Where the Lost Things Are

Coming July 2023

Ever wonder where lost things go? Socks? Cell Phones? People? Prepare to find out…

The Grim Reaper’s Game

Coming August 2023

Nobody likes dying, but when the Grim Reaper calls, you have no choice but to answer. Brenda Agonos refused to answer the call.

Milo Piper’s Breakout Single that Ended the Rat War

Coming Spring 2024

The title says it all. Music, rats, war. Chicago will never be the same.