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Hell’s Bureaucracy

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Surviving the modern workplace can be hell. Having a personally assigned demon (like a guardian angel, but in reverse) doesn’t help.

Reassessed Value

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Liam wondered if tax assessors qualified as thieves. The law let him shoot thieves…

The Last Quest of Corbin the Coward

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Corbin never asked to be the gods’ favored champion…

A Properly Spiced Gingerbread

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Granny had warned that magic could kill, but Lucy hadn’t expected to die at the hands of a cookie…

Pending Publications

Felix and the Flamingo

Coming April 2023

Of all the birds to get quarantined with, why a flamingo? Flamingos were idiots…

Death and the Taxman

Coming May 2023

My award-winning story, coming soon!

Milo Piper’s Breakout Single that Ended the Rat War

Coming Spring 2024

The title says it all. Music, rats, war. Chicago will never be the same.