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Heartwarming, Witty, and A Good Read
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“David’s talents and creativity know no bounds. Keep your eye on this one.”
Wulf Moon, Award-Winning Author

“I love David’s style! It’s unique and humorous.”
Angelique Fawns, TV Producer and Author

Writers of the Future Vol 39

Award-Winning Author

I write from the thriving cornfields of Iowa where I live with my wife, daughter, and two dragons disguised as cats. My writing journey began in the oral tradition of convincing my daughter to Go To Sleep with inventive stories. That usually backfired. After years of Just One More Story, I began transcribing my midnight ramblings in an attempt to keep my storylines straight. Children are ruthless in identifying mistakes in fairy tales. I write lighthearted speculative fiction because that’s what I love to read and—this is the important bit—there’s not nearly enough humor in the world. I aim to change that, one story at a time.

I joined the US Army after college and, through some glitch in the bureaucracy, convinced Uncle Sam to fund my wanderlust for twenty years. I have lived in and traveled through much of Europe, central Asia, and the United States. Now that I’m retired from the Army, I devote my time to my passions of writing, traveling with my family, and finding new ways to pay my mortgage.

Award-Winning Author David Hankins
David Hankins
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