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Interviews, Interviews, Interviews

Okay, so I’m clearly bad at blogging. Lots has happened since I created this website. I started sending out my monthly newsletters (The Lost Bard’s Letter-Subscribe Here!), I went to my first in-person conference (Chicon 8: the 80th World Science Fiction Convention), and…I placed 3rd in Writers of the Future!

Okay, maybe I should have led with that last bit. It’s kind of a big deal. How big? They don’t publish submission numbers, but over four thousand stories are submitted every quarter. In addition to the prize money (the most I’ve ever made for a single story), Writers of the Future flies in all of its winners for a week-long writing seminar taught by the best in the industry. Then they present the awards in an Oscars-style gala. My story placed 3rd in 2nd Quarter, Volume 39 and I received the call in mid-August. The anthology will publish in April or May 2023.

Want to learn a little bit about how I did it? I’ve had two interviews and one article printed based on a news release from Galaxy Press (the publishing arm of Writers of the Future). The interviews were a lot of fun. Click the pictures below to read on!

Horror Tree Interview
Quad-Cities Times Interview
Local 4 News Article

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