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Rattus Futura with "Another Day on the Orbital Ranch" by David Hankins

“Another Day on the Orbital Ranch”

Reprint – May 2024. First Printed in DreamForge Magazine

Filling a dead man’s shoes is hard on the best of days, and today is definitely not Paul’s best day.

A great deal of humor…from a wisecracking AI to pure slapstick.
-Tangent Online

“The Rise and Fall of Frankie’s Patisserie”

Murderbugs by Wonderbird Press – April 2024

It was time to end the Bakery War. It was time for Danika to take Frankie down!

“Hell’s Bureaucracy”

Reprint – April 2024. First Printed in Unidentified Funny Objects 9

Sam’s a master of surviving the modern workplace, but having a personally assigned demon will test even his bureaucratic prowess.

A witty twist on the demonic haunting trope.”
-Tangent Online

“Death and the Taxman”

Writers of the Future Winner (2nd Quarter 2022)
Best Science Fiction & Fantasy Short Story (Critters 2023)
The original short story published in the Best-Selling anthology Writers of the Future Volume 39 – May 2023
Reprinted in Story Unlikely – April 2024

Never trust a dying auditor…

The Grim Reaper, trapped in an IRS agent’s dying body, must regain his powers before he dies and faces Judgement for his original sin.

Fantastic story! Cheeky characters and a rock solid ending!
-Danny Hankner, Editor of Story Unlikely Magazine

Troubadours and Space Princesses Cover with the story "Milo Piper's Breakout Single that Ended the Rat War" by David Hankins

“Milo Piper’s Breakout Single That Ended the Rat War”

Published in Troubadours and Space Princesses by Hemelein Press – February 2024

The title says it all. Music, rats, war. Chicago will never be the same.

So much fun!
-Candice R. Lisle, Amazon Review

“Felix and the Flamingo”

Published in Murderbirds by Wonderbird Press – April 2023
Reprinted in Escape Pod Podcast – February 2024

Of all the birds to get quarantined with, why a flamingo? Flamingos were idiots…

Continues the grand tradition of Pinkie and the Brain in the best way.
-Valerie Valdez, Editor of Escape Pod Podcast

“The Ghosts of Hart’s Gambit”

Published in There’s No Place anthology by Renaissance Press – Nov 2023

Human minds were never meant for an AI’s cybernetic life. They always broke.

“The Devil’s Foot Locker”

Published in Amazing Stories Magazine – October 2023

Phil could sell anything to anyone…except demons. Demons had little use for vacuums.

What a great story. Loved it!! Fun, exciting, and terrific characters.”
-Award-Winning Author Elaine Midcoh

“Where the Lost Things Are”

Published in the Best-Selling anthology Lost Atlantis Short Stories by Flame Tree Press – September 2023

Ever wonder where lost things go? Socks? Cell Phones? People? Prepare to find out…

“Writing Resilience”

Published in DreamForge Magazine – September 2023

Okay, this is an article, not a short story, but you should give it a read.

Writing is hard. We hear ‘no’ a LOT. Resilience is key. But can a writer write themselves a hero’s dose of resilience?

Can you?

Inspires with a few choice words that will change your perspective!
-Eric Stallsworth – Author

“The United Flamemakers of Ravalli”

Published in Rhapsody of the Spheres by Third Flatiron Anthologies – August 2023

Dragonkind must unionize against their oppressors! Flamemakers of Ravalli, UNITE!

A humorous fantasy!
-Tangent Online

“The Grim Reaper’s Game”

Published in Game On! by Zombies Need Brains – July 2023

Nobody likes dying, but when the Grim Reaper calls, you have no choice but to answer. Brenda Agonos refused to answer the call.

Good fun” with “one revelation after another!
Amazing Stories Clubhouse Review

“Another Day on the Orbital Ranch”

Published in DreamForge Magazine – March 2023

Filling a dead man’s shoes is hard on the best of days, and today is definitely not Paul’s best day.

A great deal of humor…from a wisecracking AI to pure slapstick.
-Tangent Online

“Hell’s Bureaucracy”

Published in Unidentified Funny Objects 9 – November 2022
Reprinted in Dragon Gems (Spring 2024) – April 2024

Surviving the modern workplace can be hell. Having a personally assigned demon doesn’t help.

A witty twist on the demonic haunting trope.”
-Tangent Online

“A Properly Spiced Gingerbread”

2022 Critters Readers’ Choice Award
Published in DreamForge Magazine – March 2022
Reprinted in Zoetic Press (print and audio) – February 2023

Granny had warned that magic could kill, but Lucy hadn’t expected to die at the hands of a cookie…

I’ll never look at gingerbread the same way again!
-J. Moon

“The Last Quest of Corbin the Coward”

Published in Factor Four Magazine – June 2022

Corbin never asked to be the gods’ favored champion…

What a fun story!
-D. Hamilton

After the Gold Rush anthology with "Reassessed Value" by David Hankins

“Reassessed Value”

Published in After the Gold Rush by Third Flatiron Anthologies – July 2022

Liam wondered if tax assessors qualified as thieves. The law let him shoot thieves…

Heartwarming” and “A good read.”
-Tangent Online

Coming Soon!

“To Catch a Foo Fighter”

Coming soon to DreamForge Magazine – June 2024

To catch a Foo Fighter, you need three things: Speed, Tech, and Bait. Lieutenant Rigg is the bait.

A wonderful piece in the finest tradition of Science Fiction.
-Scot Noel, Editor DreamForge Magazine

“Gladys Tuttle and The Iguana Incident”

Coming soon to Here There Be Dragons! by Hiraeth Publishing – June 2024

It all started when the dragon egg powering Gladys’s furnace hatched on the coldest day on record…

“The Missing Music in Milo Piper’s Head”

Coming soon to Offshoots: Humanity Twigged by Third Flatiron Publishing – August 2024

Milo sacrificed everything to end the Rat War, even the music in his head. Can he trust the rats to put him back together again?

“Long Live the Queen”

Coming soon to Dog Save the King by Hemelein Press – February 2025

Sasha is an android canid guardian who failed to save the royal family from assassination. Now he has to save young Casandra, the sole survivor, so she can regain her throne. Problem is, Casandra never wanted to be queen.