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Travelogue of The Lost Bard’s Duckies

Chaos Mongers or Harbingers of Joy? You decide…

The Lost Bard's Duckies eating a dinosaur. Poor dinosaur.
The Lost Bard's Duckies with eclipse glasses
The Lost Bard's Duckies in Provo Utah
The Lost Bard's Duckies in a fedora
The Lost Bards Duckies in Germany

It All Started as a Prank

The Travelogue of The Lost Bard’s Duckies started as a prank by my wife on April Fools Day 2023. There I was, at the airport, waiting to check in for my flight to Germany. I stuck my hand in my pocket and…found something.

It was a Ducky. Small, yellow, and with a tricksome glint in his eye.
I found another in the other pocket. And in every pocket of my carry-on. And my checked bag.

Twenty Duckies joined me on that flight to Germany. But I couldn’t just leave them in my bag, so they became the centerpiece of all my travel photos. Thus was born the Travelogue of the Lost Bard’s Duckies, a social media sensation that I didn’t expect to explode like it did. They’ve travelled with me to Europe, Japan, Korea, Puerto Rico, and all over the US.

And they’ve caused glorious chaos everywhere.

You can follow the adventures of The Lost Bard’s Duckies on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter/X under the hashtag: #LostBardsDuckies.

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